Are you looking to get out of the elements for your shooting experience? Tired of the 100+ degree weather or the chill of winter creeping into your bones? Come to the Copper Star and shoot, sight in a new gun or practice your marksmanship in comfort! We offer a selection of range services. Additionally, we provide accessories for both archery and firearms enthusiasts.

  • 25 Yard Indoor Pistol Range
  • 50 Yard Indoor Archery Range
  • The ONLY 100 Yard Indoor Rifle Range in Arizona!

Don’t have a gun or bow of your own? Don’t worry, we have a wide¬†variety¬†of firearms you can rent – some even fully automatic! Whether you’ve never shot before in your life, you’re an experienced shooter or hunter, or just want to have some fun…there’s a place for you at the Copper Star.

Copper Star Shooting Range