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Instruction from NRA Certified Instructors


Instruction – $65/ hr.

Includes Safety, Handling, and Shooting.

How to break down and clean pistol, rifle, and/or shotgun.

Instruction is offered as a one-on-one course in one or two hour blocks. Classes are a minimum of 4 hours.

Call to schedule an appointment.


CCW  (AZ Concealed Carry)

Learn the Arizona firearms laws; knowing when you can use deadly force and when you cannot.

Open to Arizona residents and non-Arizona residents.

A CCW Permit Holder has additional rights, which are not included in the new constitutional carry law.  Such as Arizona’s National Parks (Grand Canyon) require a permit if you want to carry concealed.

Reciprocity to conceal carry with the majority of other states. This is useful if you travel and want to conceal carry.

Having a current CCW permit allows you the privilege of omitting the background check when purchasing a firearm.

Class includes fingerprints, application packet, range time to qualify, as well as snacks and light lunch.

Equipment needed: Gun and Ammunition   Note: Should a rental gun be required, there will be additional charge for rental gun and ammunition. We are once again happy to announce we will be continuing our CCW classes.

Cash or Check – $110.00   Credit/Debit – $120.00

$30.00 Deposit, Cash or Check, $35.00 Credit Card Deposit due at the time of signing up for class. All deposits are non-refundable.

One day, approximately 4-8 hour class. Includes fingerprints and application paperwork.

Light lunch and snacks provided.

If you are interested in taking the CCW class, please give us a call to check the next available class date.


You may contact us at (928) 567-5300.